Outbound spam rankings as a proxy for organizational security
Spam as a sneeze for infosec disease

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News 24 July 2014: Anti-Spamming Website Helps Companies Cut Outbound Spam



July 2015 Rankings: New to LACNIC top 10: #6 ANT-AS , #8 TELESC , #9 ADSIB , #10 Axtel .


Privacy Policy is a research project that ranks Autonomous Systems owned by organizations. All data are provisional, and all results are tentative. The data used for ranking are outbound spam emitted by those organizations onto the public Internet. All other data about those organizations has been collected from public sources.

We will at a later date add facilities for ranked organizations to provide feedback. Meanwhile, organizations may contact us. currently collects no information about its users other than the usual web logs (IP address, domain name, pages viewed, times, etc.). We may at a later date add a method for users to register for further information, and possibly on-site user surveys. Demographic information collected through web logs, site registration, and on-site user surveys may be used in aggregate statistical form to attract potential sponsors.

All information sent to our contact address is confidential unless otherwise agreed by the corresponding parties. Users who wish to submit testimonials please use the contact address and say you want your testimonial published.

We may at a later date add a method for automated on-site commentary. If you have opinions on that or any of these other subjects, please send us email to our contact address.