Outbound spam rankings as a proxy for organizational security
Spam as a sneeze for infosec disease

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News 24 July 2014: Anti-Spamming Website Helps Companies Cut Outbound Spam

Method of this Research Project


July 2015 Rankings: New to LACNIC top 10: #6 ANT-AS , #8 TELESC , #9 ADSIB , #10 Axtel .


Methods for Producing these Rankings

The rankings published so far are examples. We will be adding more over time.

All data are provisional, and all results are tentative.

This research project collects outbound spam data per IP address daily from half a dozen anti-spam blocklists, collates it by ASN, extracts it by geography (world, U.S., etc.) and type (all, medical, financial, etc.), for a given time period (quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily) and ranks the resulting AS data, displaying it in tables and graphs.

The rankings displayed so far derive from custom spam volume data from the CBL and PSBL blocklists.

Collation from numeric IP addresses to netblocks and ASNs uses correlations provided by CBL and Team Cymru. Rankings version 2 (rankv2) does this collation more precisely per day than the older (retired after April 2013) version 1.

See the Acknowledgments and Disclaimer.