Outbound spam rankings as a proxy for organizational security
Spam as a sneeze for infosec disease

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News 24 July 2014: Anti-Spamming Website Helps Companies Cut Outbound Spam



July 2015 Rankings: New to LACNIC top 10: #6 ANT-AS , #8 TELESC , #9 ADSIB , #10 Axtel . organizational rankings coming soon

Soon we will be publishing rankings for thousands of organizations in the U.S., as This will be different from the current, which is top 10 rankings by Autonomous System for the world and for selected countries.

For more about the differences, see TPRC 2013: Spam and Botnet Reputation Randomized Control Trials and Policy.

If you've been asked to help test a pre-release version of the forthcoming organizational rankings, please use the sign-up form.